I'm Melissa

I'm a independent designer from Paris.
I love to make good things for good people.

A Little About Me

Designer. Adventurer. Storyteller.

I have a passion for design and visual communication. Beginning in photography and video production, I entered the design field over a decade ago and have since had a varied career. From working in a creative agency, to serving as Creative Director of a large non-profit organization and working independently, I seek to connect brands and organizations with their audience through visual storytelling.

Born in the United States, in 2014 I embarked on a journey across the Atlantic and began calling Paris home. Here I rediscovered myself, found unexpected love (whom I recently married), and began an entirely new chapter of my life. This city inspires me without cease as there is constant mingling of design—that of bygone centuries and that of our modern world. Further, moving to a country where I didn’t first speak the language has given me new perspectives on the barrier-breaking power of visual communication.

When I’m not designing or drowning in French bureaucracy, I blog about my experiences as an American expat and my health journey, enjoy plenty of wine and cheese, help others learn about French language and culture, and travel as much as possible.

Let's work together.

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